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Domain parking seems to be the latest craze to take the Internet world by storm these days, so if you have an idea in mind for what you believe will be a really cool domain name; you better snap it up quick before someone else does.


There seems to be too many people missing out on the opportunity of domain parking at the moment. We often see people purchasing a domain name and then allowing their registrar to park it by default on their own servers, but all of these people are missing out on potential earnings and the increase in value to the domain name which they have just purchased.


If you have purchased a domain and you have no plans to develop a site straight away, then domain parking is definitely something you should consider and research more into. Domain parking through your hosting company will not do you any favours whatsoever; you need a domain parking service that can offer you revenue from your parked domain. You should look out for domain parking services such as Traffic Parking and Sedo; both of these companies offer you a revenue share from your parked domain.


Revenue Sharing

Revenue sharing from a parked domain is just one of many options open to you and you should consider all before committing yourself to a domain parking service. Revenue sharing from a parked domain works by your domain being attached to a single search page or a page with pay per click ads running off of it. Traffic is then directed to this page and when any visitors click on the ads, you will then receive a percentage of the revenue from this.


Revenue sharing isnít going to earn you a great deal or add value to your domain unless you already have a popular domain, which will attract plenty of traffic on its own due to direct type ins. On average traffic parking claims that your parked domain will receive 8 hits per month, so unless you already have a popular domain name, it probably isnít going to be worth the effort to use a revenue sharing domain parking serviceÖunless you are willing to do plenty of link building and optimise your domain in order to drive more and more traffic to it.



Link Building

Obviously if you are choosing domain parking with a revenue sharing service provider, you will want to drive as much traffic to your parked domain as possible. Link building is one of the key components of search engine optimisation (SEO).The

link building you do for your parked domain will lead to your domain name gaining a higher search engine ranking, and will also increase its traffic and value.


When building your inbound links to gain a greater success for your domain parking venture, it is important for you to only gain relevant inbound links. There was a time when it didnít really matter where your links came from, but the major search engines such as Google changed the rules on all of this, and now you should be choosy with where your links are coming from. The relevancy of the content and the nature of the site linking to you, the page rank of the site linking to you, and the keyword relevancy are all factors which Google take in to account when ranking your domain and site. Domain parking isnít going to just work on its own, yes it does seem at face value a very simple way to earn a decent living, but if you wish to travel further afield then you must be willing to put in time and effort to support and grow your domain parking business.



Build a Niche Store

Also known as BANS, is clever software that you install on to your web server. BANS is a perfect way of generating an income through domain parking, you will be provided with a custom built website which will run affiliate links off of it for the internet giant eBay. Your site will have eBay auctions as a form of content, and all of these auctions will have your affiliate code included in to them. So that when a visitor to your site clicks on any product and then buys it, you will earn a commission. You will even earn a commission if a visitor doesnít buy anything, but goes on to register with eBay.


What is so good and unique about BANS is it is so user friendly, you do not need to be an internet wiz to be able to use it because its creator have provided you with easy to follow step by step instructions. You do not need any knowledge of web design to be able to build one of these stores, you can easily customise the pre built templates to make it as attractive or as unique to you as you like.


BANS has taken domain parking to a whole new level, you can create as many of these web stores as you like, and it seems the creators Kelvin and Adam work closely in supporting all of their members. You only have to view some of their excellent testimonials from current members to see that BANS is a real goer. I believe the following statement from their website truly says it all...


The surface has just been scratched... letís go get those shovels!

This is a company that is encouraging you to reach out and go the extra mile in order to build something great and generate an income you could only before dream about. If domain parking is something you are considering, then BANS is one place you must visit and check out for yourself.


So, in conclusion, if you have recently purchased a domain name do not let it go to waste by sitting on your registrarís server collecting virtual dust. Domain parking is an excellent way of generating an income and adding value to your domain. If you have not recently purchased or do not have a spare domain lying around, then get snapping up some good ones today before someone else does. Itís a fast and furious moving market so make sure you are onboard.

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